Lawyer how to help enterprises to create profits? Importance of Legal Counsel

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The first way to increase turnover, it is the most direct, but also the most difficult. Because in today's increasingly competitive market, competition for market share in itself is a difficult thing; and increased turnover also tend to increase costs, such as staff salaries, advertising costs, sales commission and so on. It may increase their turnover a lot, but after deducting the cost of discovery, but no how to increase profits.

The second method, to reduce costs. In general, companies reduce the cost of space is limited, can not be reduced to a certain extent can no longer drop; and reduce costs may also reduce the quality of the product, but undermines the long-term interests of the company.

The third method, negotiations. Through negotiations, try to buy low, sell high, between a buy and selling, profit came out. It is to increase the profits of the most effective and quickest way, because negotiations to secure a net profit every penny! Such as enterprise products are usually priced at a $ 10,000 sales negotiations if levels are increased, the price increase to eleven thousand yuan, the increase of a thousand dollars is entirely profit; likewise, every penny of enterprises in the procurement savings are also net!

US XX car is one of the world's largest automobile company, had enabled the early XX car called Purchasing Manager hereby Luo X, who took office six months, net profit increased by two billion dollars to help General Motors. How did he do it? Cars are composed of many component parts, which are mostly purchased parts, Luo X hereby appointed six months time, only one thing, that is, all the supply of parts manufacturers invited talks, he said, our credit so good, such a large amount, so we believe that it should re-evaluate the price, if you can not give a better price, we intend to replace supply manufacturers. After such negotiations down, Luo X hereby in six months time it was common to save 20 billion dollars!

No wonder chief negotiator, former US President Bill Clinton's adviser Roger Dawson said: "The world is the fastest way to make money talks!"

In addition, there is another benefit business negotiations: You can use the lowest cost to solve internal and external disputes, and the enterprise and business and customers, suppliers form a harmonious and win-win relationship, and not tense confrontation.

There are three ways to resolve the dispute, can be attributed to three words: power, Li, Lee. "Force" corresponds to violence to resolve, the competition who's fist harder, or sit-ins, demonstrations and so on. "Reason" is unreasonable on the court, to resolve through litigation. "Benefit" is through negotiations, to reach a mutually beneficial solution, that is to say, with the interest to promote mutual compromise agreement.

The first two ways for enterprises, will bring a lot of negative effects. Violence to resolve Needless to say, it may want to pay blood actors, freedom and even life. Even litigation settlement companies will spend a lot of manpower, financial and time costs. Meanwhile, litigation results uncertain, no one can guarantee a certain outcome of the proceedings would be like. And even more troublesome it is that in the United States, litigation may not affect business cooperation between the two sides, but the Chinese people generally feel that once a lawsuit, the parties have no friendship, and cooperation basically impossible. I met some entrepreneurs, they asked me to come forward to help recourse debt, direct said: "!! Fu lawyer, not to prosecute them anyway, and they do not intend to and from the" action for business cooperation between the damage is evident. Therefore, enterprises even won the case, the loss may be more.

Original Industrial Co., Ltd. Wu XX X new company with an old man at the time of the occurrence of litigation, and vowed not to have anything to win the lawsuit. XX eventually won the lawsuit, but the company has since fallen XX. Some units have employees with the company due to the resignation of conflict, and then apply for arbitration proceedings to court. In fact, when the company agreed to negotiate separation eighteen thousand yuan compensation, the employee agreed, and then go back, direct application of the arbitration. Final court decision the company to compensate the employee more than fifty thousand yuan, but the company executives vowed to spend money in other places, even, even bankruptcy, do not want the money paid to the employee, the company eventually went bankrupt, the employee did not get the court's compensation. The risk of litigation can not not pay attention to ah!

In comparison, the third way is the best one, relatively low cost, but also conducive to the formation of a harmonious and win-win relationship. External relations companies are harmonious, but also help increase business performance, which is indirectly help companies increase profits. I give my legal adviser unit to do business negotiation skills training time, but also continue to convey the idea that the company's leadership and staff: we must have the sense of negotiation, we must cultivate the negotiations thinking, Do not go to extremes. Between staff and leadership, the company and customers, etc., can not be easily litigation, negotiation settlement can try to solve this manner, to avoid a lose-lose situation.

Therefore, Chinese enterprises to become bigger and stronger, we must pay attention to the negotiations; China's lawyers want to have more space to display their talent, be sure to pay attention to negotiation skills of learning and research!

Second, the lawyer What are the advantages in negotiations
Lawyer how to help businesses increase profits? That is to help companies negotiate, negotiation skills training to help businesses. In the negotiations, counsel is advantageous:
1, lawyers have a wealth of practical experience negotiating
Because occupational characteristics, lawyers often work to be done is to negotiate, such as the need to negotiate in court mediation stage, the stage need to negotiate a settlement out of court, to help others mediation to resolve disputes need to be negotiated, lawyers often want to help our customers conduct business negotiations, and so on. Therefore, lawyers generally have rich practical experience negotiating. For example, not long ago, I helped a client talks, spent more than two hours, to help customers earn 50,000 yuan!

It is important that the negotiating table contest psychological and spot response capacity, and the court is particularly exercise psychological and spot response capabilities of local people, lawyers often accept this exercise, it is more suitable to participate in negotiations. Meanwhile, negotiations verbal ability is important, this is usually a lawyer strengths.

2, the relative position of detachment can achieve "bystander"
Counsel the parties to negotiate to avoid the parties into negotiations emotional occasion too caught unable to extricate themselves, the so-called "fan parties, bystander." Moreover, lawyers experienced a variety of complex, tricky thing more, look at the issue is relatively rational and thorough, help to see the situation in the negotiations, calmly analyze and judge. Negotiation process, as well as attention to vulnerable people often used the pressure on its own on this side, and often do not see the other side of the weak and the pressure point, see your bargaining chips, which may become passive in the negotiation process. And there are "bystander" Lawyers help analyze and reminders, the client will be able to more accurately grasp the situation in the entire negotiations.
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