To play the role of enterprise legal management thinking

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The role of legal management in Chinese enterprises, has been an issue of great concern. The problem with legal management position in Chinese enterprises are closely related. With the continued deepening of China's economic reform, how to really implement legal management position in the enterprise, and play the role of forensic management in the enterprise, it is very important and urgent.

First, an important measure of corporate maturity scale
Chinese enterprise legal management, is accompanied by the Chinese economy toward a market-oriented transformation, as well as in emerging and developed to promote the establishment of modern enterprise system and continuous improvement process. Legal management needs of today's Chinese enterprises in the conditions of market economy and compete daily operations, and is closely related to the survival and development of enterprises, it has become an important part of business and management.

The market economy is legal economy. Business activities and behavior, whether consciously or passive, have to follow and be subject to market rules, are inseparable from the adjustment and restrict the relevant laws and regulations. At this stage, legal management position and its role in the enterprise is how to play, has become a measure of China's economic marketization process and maturity of modern enterprise system specific enterprises an important symbol and scales.

In the competitive market environment, the company's legal management for enterprises running to provide legal support and protection, the role is very important. Specifically, under our current historical conditions and the economic environment, legal management in the enterprise status and functions should be, and perhaps can be used to describe the three-dimensional coordinates, namely: the upper and legal management is leadership and decision-making legal staff; lateral, Legal Management is to provide functional departments parallel legal advice and consultancy support; the next, Legal Management is in charge of the intervention system-wide coordination and legal affairs.

So, now how legal management position in the Chinese enterprises do? Reasonable legal management positioning how? This is not only enterprise legal management practitioners need to face, thinking, study and seek solutions to the problem, but should be the highest corporate Leadership always care, concern and effectively solve problems.

Second, the real situation of enterprise legal management
First, there is a feeling that when people engage in legal work together to discuss these problems, we managed to forensic importance, it can be raised very high, know very clearly, very easy to form a consensus. But when they return to their respective units, compared with other departments, the importance of forensic work may not be able to obtain substantially the same recognition. In reality, the normal conduct forensic work is still facing many difficulties, even still not out how to be a correct understanding of how to get a fair assessment and positioning, as well as how to play their due role in the dilemma.

For a business, the most important is through the pursuit of maximum benefit and survival, and development. So those who work directly with the survival of the state in respect of business efficiency and related production, management and other nature naturally become business leaders are most concerned about, care, and thus always living in the heart of the work. In contrast, the legal work could be seen as provide support to protect the nature of the work, which is in service, subject to the lesser position.
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