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Lawyers can provide legal risks when ENTERPRISE physical examination, diagnostic and legal risk management planning services. Lawyer by corporate ownership structure, undergo a medical examination formula diagnostic status of governance structure, human resources system construction, marketing and management system, contract management system, trade secret protection system, foreign operations and other cooperation aspects, find out where there are legal loopholes and risk, through the appropriate legal planning, help enterprises to establish and improve the "advance the prevention, control and, remedial" Trinity legal risk control and management system, safety exclusion or avoid the legal process of enterprise development reef may be encountered, final rapid and healthy development of sustainable enterprises. Mainly for enterprises following major elements:

(A) daily legal affairs management
1, in order to entrust the management side on the process of business, legal issues involving the firm to provide legal advice, legal advice, issued a written legal opinion when necessary;
2, for the commissioning party review, amend enterprise contract management system, standardize the management and use of the contract;
3, for the commissioning party review, amend the contract and articles of association, correspondence, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and other legal documents generated in the business activities;
4, should be entrusted party invitation, in the consultation, negotiation, review and amend the relevant cooperation documents;
5, is the principal collection of accounts receivable, assist in the development of bad assets disposal plan and treatment program.
6, for the commissioning party review, amend labor contracts;
7. Principal help improve or establish other internal regulatory system and operation mechanism so that management activities comply with legal requirements, internal management track Importing law;
8, according to the principal needs special affairs, legal opinions, lawyer's statement, lawyers and other legal documents announcement.
9, attorneys summon letter sent to the parties concerned in accordance with the requirements of the Principal, the Commission recommended that the letter and the like;
10, the principal public relations coordination with the government, the media, etc. related sectors;
11 of the Principal related personnel provide legal guidance, enhance the legal awareness of relevant personnel and conduct business management skills, skills, abilities law; legal training for all employees, increase employee awareness of the law, safeguard the smooth implementation of business rules and regulations carried out;
12, to assist the commissioning party process involving industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection and other aspects of legal affairs;
13, Principal of legal documents related to trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary management rights of protection measures for review, providing legal advice related to legal matters, and assist in developing the appropriate secrecy and confidentiality agreement.
14, a good legal staff to prevent and resolve legal risks, the establishment of appropriate legal document files and file management system.
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